Lost – The End


One of my favorite TV series is coming to an end. We finally get to understand what’s going on… Looking forward to “Lost” series finale on 23rd. I love this show and it always had a way to keep you looking forward to what’s coming next, unlike other shows that got lost on the way. […]

Go Lee Dewyze

Down to final three on American Idol and… seriously why is Casey James still in this show? He should have left the competition a while ago… he’s not that good! But after last night I think he’ll be off. I guess Crystal is OK. I expected Siobhan Magnus to be in the final 3 but […]

Half black nails


So I’ll be sharing some of may nail “art”… This is from before I learned the technique to make nice looking dots I’ll be back with more and hopefully nicer ones 😉

A bag


This one is a bag I made to carry my gym clothes and stuff. It’s two sided so I won’t get bored wearing it side one: side two: Pattern and instruction are here.

My first dress…


I made this dress following the Coffee dress pattern. I used a cheap material (taffeta) as it is my first dress and didn’t want to ruin some good material I think it looks better in pictures than in reality.

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