Baby Clothes Stencils (4)


More painted clothes for babies… Enjoy!

Baby Clothes Stencils (3)


Some more stencils… This onesie had the perfect color for a superman print: On the tie is also spelled Eric in a dingbat font… I think it’s rather geeky and funny A Manowar onesie for the fans… And Milkaholic (a pic with Eric wearing it)…

Baby Clothes Stencils (2)


Some more stencils for my Eric: For a breastfed baby A funny cat: And a funny snake

Baby Clothes Stencils (1)


I made a few stencils for the baby Hope you like them This one is supposed to mean Eric in Kanji… And a funny turtle…

“What’s Kicking” Maternity T-shirt


Hi! I did this fun t-shirt stencil that sais “What’s Kicking?” and has a baby footprint under the questionmark sign. Here is the stencil I used. It’s an Adobe Illustrator editable pdf file that you can use to make your own stencil. Enjoy!

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