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Diaper Cake


Hi everyone! Wow it’s been ages since I last wrote something on this blog! Been super busy with the baby and all. I barely get enough sleep, but having a baby is wonderful! He’s sooo adorable! I wanna share the diaper cake Eric got as a present from my friend DeeDee (Thanks!). I haven’t seen […]

Knitted chain scarf and fingerless gloves


I saw this scarf in a picture online and I wanted to have one so I learned to knit only a bit, and made this… Also made some fingerless gloves just for fun… Like them?

Cool Birthday Card


I got this cool “card” for my birthday I’m gonna name it “Origami on a string” by Simona. It was a very nice idea to do this instead of a regular card! I think it’s awesome especially that it doesn’t have any glue… just folded paper!!! It’s a cube, an icosahedron (20 faces) and something […]

Manowar – Bucuresti 25.06.2010


Manowar concert was crazy!!! The Sonisphere organizers kinda screwed us. On the tickets and the posters they said “Manowar + special guests”, but actually Manowar got to play only for an hour before another band… so much for Romanian concert organizers. Anyway apparently, they did better with the other 2 Sonisphere days (Metallica and Rammstein). […]

Aerosmith – Bucuresti 18.06.2010


Oh yeah! Been waiting for this concert since I’ve heard Aerosmith is coming to Romania… We got good tickets and I was able to stay in the first row and it was worth it! They did a great show… it’s so fun to watch the videos and know I was there They started with “Love […]