Aerosmith – Bucuresti 18.06.2010


Oh yeah! Been waiting for this concert since I’ve heard Aerosmith is coming to Romania… We got good tickets and I was able to stay in the first row and it was worth it! They did a great show… it’s so fun to watch the videos and know I was there They started with “Love […]

The Book of Eli (2010)


The Book of Eli is a good movie! I’m a big fan of “end-of-the-world” type of movies and this is one of them! The actions happens 30 years after most part of the Earth was burned/destroyed and involves Eli who was supposed to take the last remaining Bible on Earth to people in the west. […]

Purple pink


Back with another one This style looks like it’s for little girls, right? OK… maybe not… I just had some lack of inspiration.

Defendor (2009)


I finally managed to finish watching Defendor. It was kinda boring so I watched it in two parts. Well what can I say about it… Sad, boring, not my favorite type of movie… However Woody Harrelson was quite good at playing Defendor. I thought it was gonna be another superhero movie, but it turned out […]

When In Rome (2010)


Watched When in Rome last week-end. It was as expected, classic romantic/funny movie… Actually the whole stalking part was really funny… all those guys suddenly crazy in love with the same girl. But the strange thing about this movie was the fact that when she picked up those coins from the fountain of love, all […]

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