Pride and Prejudice (1995)


Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth Bennet Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy 6 episodes Based on “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen There have been other movies based on this book, but this one is by far the best in my opinion! It follows the novel pretty close, it’s accurate and soooo romantic. I’ve watched it like […]

Sophisticated french


French manicure with red flowers and some lines… I like this one, but I think it look better on longer nails. Any volunteer with longer nails? Just let me know! and with more light…

Some sort of leaves


Did this one in a rush… didn’t turn out too well but it was ok. I used some purple nail polish as coating and the leaves are white with a golden dot between them. The pics are taken after I washed some dishes

Eurovision 2010

So the Eurovision winner is Germany. I like the tone of Lena’s voice, she was a good choice for this song and I think it was kinda fair she won. Once again they voted for a song that was different, just like last year. Turkey on second place was kinda surprising, didn’t expected that. And […]

Finale week

Last week was full of finales for a lot of shows… where should I start… Lost: well the series finally ended. It was a good ending, although it still left me with few questions. It was quite emotional, all characters remembering stuff… anyway they saved the island and killed the bad smoky guy, so it […]

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