North & South (2004)

Daniela Denby-Ashe as Margaret Hale
Richard Armitage as John Thornton
4 episodes
An adaptation based on “North & South” by Elizabeth Gaskell, this is another nice love story, a classical, I might say, that, in my opinion, can be much compared to “Pride and Prejudice”.
The story here is more dramatic and it shows the differences between classes of society in northern and southern England.
The story follows the two mainly characters: Margaret and Mr. Thornton, their different point of view regarding the living in north vs. south and eventually the changes they go through. What surprised me was that Margaret comes to like the north in the end…
When I first watched the series I didn’t like it much. Actually I didn’t like Margaret as a character, I found her a bit too proud and ignorant, but then she came around… she’s just 19 :)
I do like Mr. Thornton a lot and Richard Armitage played him really great, I love him! He stayed so much in character… and the frown!!! I might like Mr. Thornton more than Mr. Darcy, if that’s even possible :) In fact he is the reason I came to like this movie after all.
Basically it’s the same story as in Pride and Prejudice: boy likes girl, he proposes, she refuses, he’s heartbroken but still a gentleman and in the end she changes her mind and falls for him. Happy end :)
Of course with North and South there is a little more depth and some more drama as many character die by the end of the series.
I like the ending, it’s sweet, innocent and romantic as it happens somewhere in the middle, in a train station between the north and the south, like a reckoning that both sides have good parts. We also finally get to see Mr. Thornton’s frown go away as he smiles so happily for being accepted and loved by Margaret.
So I’ve grown found of “North and South” after all and it is now one of my favorites. I recommend it!

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