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North & South (2004)


Daniela Denby-Ashe as Margaret Hale Richard Armitage as John Thornton 4 episodes An adaptation based on “North & South” by Elizabeth Gaskell, this is another nice love story, a classical, I might say, that, in my opinion, can be much compared to “Pride and Prejudice”. The story here is more dramatic and it shows the […]

Lady Oscar – The Rose of Versailles


I used to love this anime when I was a child… I watched it on German television and though I couldn’t understand everything I enjoyed it sooo much. I remember the first thing that got me into watching it was the clothing, all those beautiful princess dresses (I used to draw dresses like those) and […]

Killers (2010)


Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl in a wannabe action/comedy/romance movie. A woman goes vacationing after breaking up with her boyfriend and she meets her ideal man, they get married and three years pass when their beautiful life is messed up when things from the past come to light and they discover their neighbors could be […]

My Daddy Long Legs


So many memories from childhood… I keep remembering about cartoons/animes I used to watch. There are so many and for some I don’t even remember the name… Anyway I started watching some series I downloaded and today I’ll be talking about My Daddy Long Legs. I didn’t get to fully watch it back when I […]

When In Rome (2010)


Watched When in Rome last week-end. It was as expected, classic romantic/funny movie… Actually the whole stalking part was really funny… all those guys suddenly crazy in love with the same girl. But the strange thing about this movie was the fact that when she picked up those coins from the fountain of love, all […]

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