Sailor Moon

Just started to watch anime series again… stuff I used to watch as a kid on German or Italian television… I didn’t understand much back then, but still I was watching every day, all summer long :)

I’m gonna start with Sailor Moon.
I remember it from when I was a kid, and it was such a big fuss back then about Sailor Moon :)
The Anime series named “Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon” (The Beautiful Warrior Sailor Moon) started in 1992 and it has 5 seasons / 200 episodes, 3 movies and 5 specials.
The five major story arcs are (in manga and anime):
1. the Dark Kingdom arc (Sailor Moon)
2. the Black Moon arc (Sailor Moon R)
3. the Mugen/Infinity arc (Sailor Moon S)
4. the Dream arc (Sailor Moon SuperS)
5. the Stars arc (Sailor Moon Sailor Stars)
The story follows the character Usagi Tsukino, a 14-year-old girl who has a normal life until she meets Luna, a talking cat who teaches her how to turn into Sailor Moon, the warrior for justice.
In the first season, Sailor Moon has to find the other 4 Sailor Senshi: Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus. She also meets the mysterious Tuxedo Mask and she finds out that she is the reincarnation of the Moon Princess who must now protect Earth from a series of villains, beginning with the Dark Kingdom that had appeared once before, long ago, and destroyed the kingdom of the moon.
The Moon Princess’ mother had her reborn as a Sailor Senshi to protect her. Gradually Usagi discovers the truth about her own past life, her destined true love, and the possibilities for the future of the Solar System.
The second season introduces new characters: Chibiusa (a girl from the future) and Sailor Pluto, the guardian of time.
The third season is the darkest, the Outer Senshi, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Saturn are introduced, also Sailor Chibi Moon (Chibiusa) send back from the future to train with the Sailor Senshi. In the end of the season Sailor Saturn, Soldier of Silence, is awaken and that brings some trouble.
Season four focuses on Chibiusa and her relationship with Pegasus who comes to her for help. This season was not as good as the others before.
Fifth and last season drops some characters: Chibiusa returns to the future, and Mamoru goes to study in United States. Sailor Starlights are introduced, new warriors from a planet that was destroyed by Sailor Galaxia. This is the first time that a sailor warrior appears as a negative character. Sailor Starlights are searching for their princess in order to save their planet, and they take human shape as a famous boyband. The drama increases as this enemy is the strongest so far and Sailor Moon has a difficult job.

I used to watch it way back on Romanian Television, but I skipped many episodes so I watched it again two or three years ago and it was sooo much fun :)
Here is the intro:

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  1. Mila says:

    Aaw u just made me wanna watch it again xD
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