Painted nails

Feelin musical


I made this one in such a hurry, but it turned out OK, don’t you think?

Spanish black and red manicure


I did this a while back… It didn’t turn out just like I wanted, but it’s quite OK I guess Hope you like it! For me it looks a bit like spanish and tango hence the title…

Some purple and some pink


I haven’t posted in ages… got little time and I’m also very lazy lately I’ve been neglecting my nails so I don’t have much interesting nail styles to show you… Here are some stuff I’ve been trying: – for the purple one I stamped some flowers, white on dark purple and dark purple on light […]

Frozen rose


More stamping… I used one coat of Candy Frost from Maybelline that I received for my birthday Thanks girls! The rose stamps are done with a cheap purple polish and and a cheap plate also Hope you like it!

First stamping attempt


Hey! I finally tried some stamping… I’ve seen so many awesome styles online and I found some cheap plates in a store in town so I tried them. They work fine, but I only found two plates and they don’t have such cool patterns. I guess I should be saving to buy the real deal: […]

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