Painted nails

Purple madness


Haven’t got much time to write lately… Been trying various nail styles. I bought a bunch of nail polish trying to do some water marble style, but I couldn’t find anything that works so I played with purple… I like the striped one most, the others are just for fun. Enjoy! PS: Happy Birthday DeeDee!!!

Black & gold striped french


Now that I kinda got my nails to grow again, I can’t stop painting them Of course I would want them longer, but what can I do? So last night I did a french manicure and added some stripes in black and gold. This one was easy and didn’t take long. Hope you like it!

White sponge manicure


It’s been so long since I had nails to paint… I finally got to grow my nails a bit and I tried something new… the sponge technique, which is not big deal, but it gives a really nice effect. I’m not pleased with the photos I took, but I ain’t got the time to take […]



Some interesting pattern I’ve seen online and I thought I’d try it. It came out quite interesting. I like it. It’s red and white again It seems I’ve got a thing for this combination.

Purple, white and blue dash


Bored and without inspiration and this is the result… I think it looked a little better in reality. Well at least it lasted a long time on my nails, considering I had to wash the dishes and stuff…

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