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DIY Messenger Bag


I was in need of a messenger bag to carry my kid’s stuff when we go out to the playground so I decided to make my own. I used this tutorial and made some alterations of my own, like adding the zipper details, the side pocket and front zipper pocket. Like it?

Baby Clothes Stencils (4)


More painted clothes for babies… Enjoy!

Baby Clothes Stencils (3)


Some more stencils… This onesie had the perfect color for a superman print: On the tie is also spelled Eric in a dingbat font… I think it’s rather geeky and funny A Manowar onesie for the fans… And Milkaholic (a pic with Eric wearing it)…

Baby Clothes Stencils (2)


Some more stencils for my Eric: For a breastfed baby A funny cat: And a funny snake

“What’s Kicking” Maternity T-shirt


Hi! I did this fun t-shirt stencil that sais “What’s Kicking?” and has a baby footprint under the questionmark sign. Here is the stencil I used. It’s an Adobe Illustrator editable pdf file that you can use to make your own stencil. Enjoy!

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