My sewing

DIY Bag for My Mom


I had this faux leather fabric and I wanted to try make a bag out of it. I used this pattern. It didn’t turn out exactly as I wanted because the fabric was kinda stiff, but I gave it to my mom who was in need of a bag and she liked it so I’m […]

Purple corset pattern

So I managed to make the pattern for the purple corset I made a while ago. It was a bit difficult, I had to scan each pattern piece, and some were larger than A4 paper so I had to combine several images, then I traced them in Adobe Illustrator, followed the instructions I found on […]

Frilly skirt


I made a summery frilly skirt. You can find a tutorial with pictures here. I wanted something in black and white and this fabric was all I could find that is decent enough Attaching that elastic part was so difficult as the sewing machine kept missing steps… But I’m happy with the result.

Wrinkled white skirt


I bought a lot of jersey fabric and I used some of it to make this skirt. The pattern is from Burda magazine 07/2010. It involved a lot of gathering and in the end the skirt was too long so I had to cut it shorter. The most complicated part was installing the zipper, but […]

Purple skirt


Yes, it’s the same fabric from the corset, actually I bought it for this skirt and I made the corset from the leftovers. The patter is here. It was difficult to make as I am such a beginner, but it came out OK… I guess

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